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The Midas Method

The Midas Method


Written by top entrepreneur ‘The Midas Method’ delves into the importance of self-belief in both life and business. Stuart Goldsmith explains how he overcame adversity and used his new found self-belief to achieve great things.

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Are you comfortably plodding along in life, getting by but not achieving your full potential? Stuart Goldsmith explains how he went from a typically underpaid employee to great wealth in under eight years using his own self-belief system ‘The Midas Method’. He now drives a top range BMW and owns a house worth over £1,000,000 and you know how he achieved all of this? By following this simple phrase – “BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING AND YOU WILL DO IT”. His inspirational story and unique methodology is guaranteed to help you achieve great things.

The Midas Method

Chapter One: A New Start

Chapter Two: The Secrets of Success

Chapter Three: Believe in Yourself

Chapter Four: PSI Belief

Chapter Five: ‘I Can’ Belief

Chapter Six: Knowing What You Want

Chapter Seven: Off You Go!

Chapter Eight: Change “I Can’t” into “I Can”

Chapter Nine: Successful Goal Setting

Chapter Ten: Building PSI Belief

Chapter Eleven: Summary of Techniques


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