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About Me

a little more info

Hello and thanks for visiting!

My name is Andrew James Crawford and I am a Business Development Consultant, Entrepreneur and Chartered Management Accountant & Tax Adviser based in Nottingham.

With decades of experience I have setup multiple successful businesses and become a specialist Chartered Tax Management Accountant. These skills provide me with great knowledge in all areas of business development, allowing me to honestly say that I can make your business succeed.

Not only can I help you achieve your business goals through specific development methods and strategies, I can also increase your revenue and save you costs by working through your business accounting and formulating new techniques to give you a healthy bank balance.


Some of my great clients feedback

My Biography

(In short!)

Many moons ago I was a paperboy delivering newspapers to the local community and getting fit whilst doing it! Skip a few years ahead and there I am working tirelessly for a mean corporation to whom I was just another number, heading up their accounts team and not even getting a ‘hello’ in the morning – and THAT was the moment I decided to do something about it.

Whilst working full time I studied at night school, slogging away into the early hours of each morning trying to achieve my goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant. It took many years and many sleepless hours but I soon graduated and achieved my first life goal. I wanted more, but at least I now had the knowledge I needed to get rid of my unappreciative full-time job and become entirely self-employed. And you know what? Since that moment I’ve always been my own boss, and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

The next few years are a total blur of education, working and self-development. I achieved many more qualifications and with this new found knowledge I had serious business knowledge…And I’m not just talking about ‘how to set up a business and let it run’ – oh no – I’m talking serious infrastructure from the roots up of how businesses run successfully and how financial management can make or break a company.

So I then began to set up my own businesses, one after the other like an entrepreneurial addict – as soon as one was running successfully and the books all balanced out, off I went to the next – finding niche markets and building businesses which would thrive through simple business development.

And so ladies and gents, that brings us to the ‘now’. Here I am, a successful entrepreneur with knowledge on all aspects of business from creation to successful infrastructure and I want to share my experience with the world. So I made myself a promise to ‘love more, give more and help more’…and here I am!

Like the cut of my jib?

Then feel free to get in touch and see what I can do for you!


My Services


One to One Consultancy

Personal coaching and development

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Business Development

Both small and large scale businesses


Business Funding

Gain finance to grow your business


Business Accounting

Smooth running of business accounts


Seminars & Talks

Educating others on business development


Content Writing

For blogs, magazines or books