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Business Accounting

Saving you money through clever accounting

What is Business Accounting?

Are you running your own business accounts and are a little lost, or does your business need some much needed accounting TLC?

‘Business Accounting’ is one of my unique services in which I can save you time and money simply by looking through your accounts and advising on best practises in regards to tax and general administration. I do get asked a lot how comes a Business Developer like myself has the ability to advise on accounting…well I am a Chartered Management Accountant & Tax Adviser so you’re in safe hands! There is an endless list of areas I cover within this service but the top ones are:

 Completing and Submitting Tax Returns (Ltd, VAT, Self-Employed etc)

 Implementing Effective Tax Planning Strategies

 Advising on Profit Extraction for Company Owners

 Teaching Business Accounting Skills


How I Work

There many different scenarios in which my Business Accounting services can come into play but my general workflow for helping with business accounts is:

As always, the first thing I’ll do is simply sit and discuss with you what requirements you have for your business accounts. What is it you’re looking to do and how can I achieve this for you?

This can be to do with any aspect of your business accounts, whether it’s simply the best way to complete your tax return, advice on where expenses are best used, general administration help to simplify your day-to-day bookkeeping…and everything else you can think of!

With all the information gained I’ll then advised on the options available and which route will be best to go down. Usually with accounts there’ll be various choices – each with pros and cons, but choosing the correct one is where my skills come in.

I’ll then go through your business accounts in detail – don’t worry I’m not the tax man! This is so I have a clear idea of where your finances are and how we can incorporate my new ideas to save you money.

With this completed, I can begin to implement the new changes and then teach you or your staff any skills required for future reference.

As I say, there are so many different scenarios which can appear with business accounts so the best thing to do is contact me directly and see how I can help.

My Other Services

Business Development

If you’re a start-up or fully-fledged company looking to take your business to that next level then my business development is the ideal solution. Using all of my strategic marketing, business audit and accounting skills I integrate new methods, new strategies & new ideas to progress your business.


Business Retreat Days

If you’re an individual who finds they work better with other like-minded people then my business retreat days are ideal for you. Booked at different locations across the UK, these days are a great way of getting help and advice from myself as well as other group members who will club together to assist you in developing ideas for your business via our ‘Hot Seat’ slot.


Business Funding

If you’re in need of business funding and don’t know where to start then I will help advise on the best methods of funding and help with the completion of business finance applications. I also work in partnership with the funding company Capitalise where you can compare finance offers from over 80 different UK lenders.


Talks and Seminars

Much of my work involves the teaching of others which is why my skills transfer well into seminars and talks for a multitude of different events including accounting, business and marketing. So whether its a talk on running business accounts or seminar on business development, I am a competent public speaker and love passing on my knowledge to others. 


Business Consultancy

If you’re an individual in need of any help regarding all aspects of your business then my one-to-one sessions are ideal where I hold consultancy and coaching sessions for all aspects of business. Whether it’s simply to write a new business plan, help with a new start-up company or develop an entirely new business structure.


Content Writing

Over the years I have had many written works published, from self-help books to business articles in magazines. More recently I write blog content for a number of different sites on a mixture of subjects from tax accounting to business matters or self development. Writing is something I enjoy greatly and am confident in my ability to articulate the written word.