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My Businesses

Over the past few decades I have created many of my own businesses

Below is a list of my most current companies so you can see that I’m not “all talk and no action”!

Each one has been created by myself with years of love, sweat and tears to get them to the stages they’re at now and I am proud of each one. It hasn’t been an easy ride but each business taught me valuable lessons in the best methods to make any business successful.

Zlogg - Cloud Accounting

A bespoke piece of accounting software that works on any device for self-employed and business owners to simpify their business acounts and update on the go! Cloud Accounting Technology is the newewst innovation to hit the digital market and means anyone can access, manage and update their business accounts anyplace, anytime, everyweher. Link bank accounts, create & send invoices, track mileage, submit your tax return and so much more.

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Fitness Industry Insurance

Offering all the insurance premiums and services that fitness professionals need. Following the success of Fitness Industry Accountants I wanted to see if there were anymore gaps in the market to be gained from. After years of research I quickly saw that insurance was a big area since all fitness professionals must have at least public liability insurance, let alone all the other health aspects/risks that come with this industry – and there Fitness Industry Insurance was born!

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Andrew Crawford Accounting

An accountancy firm offering top quality business accounting services, based in Nottingham but now operating nationally. Using my name to humanise the company, I set up Andrew Crawford Accounting (ACA) as a sole Chartered Management Tax Accountant to offer my accounting services to the Nottingham area. After many years the accounting team grew larger and it now operates as a national accountancy firm.

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Zlogg Accountant

Bespoke cloud software designed to simplify Accountants workflow. Something of a ‘sister’ company to Zlogg, I took all the great features for the consumer-based software and redesigned the entire program to incorporate more professional options for accountants to use. This allowed me to broaden my revenue streams with ‘Zlogg’ attracting all the self-employed businesses and ‘Zlogg Accountant’ then appealing to an entirely different market but utilising the same business model.

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Fitness Industry Accountants

An accountancy firm which specialises in the fitness industry offering expert advice and accounting services for all fitness professionals. After years of research I noticed a large gap in the fitness market for accountancy and although initially thinking it was too ‘niche’ I quickly released it was an industry not to be missed. The specialism in the fitness industry enables us to offer bespoke services which which other firms cannot.

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Solopreneurs Academy

Online membership for training, mentoring and coaching for individuals who have great ideas but not the skills to make them possible…yet! I had met so many individuals who had incredible business ideas but didn’t have the skills or knowledge to make their idea a reality. Using a specialist team of business mentors and coaches I created an academy which would train individuals to make their ideas a success with sessions on marketing, management, accounting and all other aspects of running a business.

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