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How to Find Your House Rebuild Cost Online

A simple and effective method
How to Find Your House Rebuild Cost Online

How to Find Your House Rebuild Cost Online

There may come a time when you will need to know the ‘Rebuild Cost’ of your home, for example if you are looking to get Building’s Insurance. However as we are all human, sometimes we misplace documents and cannot for the life of us find out where this figure is and it’s not something many mortgage providers actually keep on file – so what are you supposed to do!? If you input the wrong details when getting insurance it may possible void a future claim so it’s something you need to ensure is correct. Well for anyone out there panicking – here is an easy method on how to find your house rebuild cost online.

Association of British Insurers – Online Calculator

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) actually offer a FREE online rebuild cost calculator which you simply need to sign up to (it literally takes 10 seconds so don’t panic!) and then fill in all of your details – it honestly is that simple.

Please follow the link below which will take you to the sign-up page where you simply type in your name, email and are then sent an email with your login information.

Once logged in you simply need to input a range of details about your house and voila! As if by magic the system automatically provides you with a rebuild cost estimate which can also be downloaded as a PDF for future reference.

As a heads up here are the details you’ll need to know in order to complete the process – so if you don’t know the answers to all of these points then be sure to find out before logging in:

  • Whether your property is a House/Bungalow, Purpose-Built Flat or Conversion Flat
  • Whether it’s Detached, Semi-Detatched or Terrace
  • The Number of Storeys
  • The Address Postcode
  • The Year it was Built
  • The External Floor Area (In meters squared or feet squared)
  • The Number of Bedrooms
  • The Number of Bathrooms (Only rooms with bath or shower)
  • The Number of Garage Spaces
  • The Wall Type (Brick or Stone)
  • The Roof Type (Tile, Slate, Flat or Thatch)
  • Whether it has a Cellar
  • Whether it’s a Listed or an ‘Unusual Property’

Once you’ve inputted all of the information regarding these points the system automatically calculates your rebuild cost valuation so you’re then able to keep this figure and input into insurance documents etc.

Please ensure that you provide 100% accurate information on each of those points, anything inputted incorrectly will of course make your valuation incorrect and could void a future insurance claim!

And finally, just to put some form of disclaimer here – I am in no way affiliated with the ABI or make any benefit from you using their service, I am simply a ‘Good Samaritan’ offering help for those looking to find their rebuild cost!

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